introduction to internet mathematics

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Part I — Why Do I Need to Know Math?

What have others asked and answered about the importance of studying algebra?

  1. Go to a search engine and ask about the importance of algebra.
    For example, go to and type the question "Why do I need algebra?" Or search for "Importance of Algebra" (Tip: Use quotation marks for a more specific search.) Try these same searches in

  2. Choose a web site that discusses why you should study algebra.
    a. What is the title of the web site?
    b. What is the web site address?
    c. What did you learn from this site?

  3. Go to the "Ask Dr. Math" web site:
    Scroll down to the section titled "Why do we need to learn math?"
    a. Choose the link "What Good is Math?"
    b. Complete one of the activity questions? Which did you choose?
    c. What did you learn from this activity?

  4. Random Links

Part II
— Who Uses This Stuff Anyway?

Math on the Job and Professional Profiles

  1. Go to the "Ask Dr. Math" web site:
    Scroll down to the link "Examining How Mathematics is Used in the Workplace." Select it.
    a. Choose one of the examples of mathematics in the workplace.
    b. Read the example. Which example did you choose?
    c. What did you learn from this site?

  2. Read about the types of math problems some career fields face.
    Go to (AMS = American Mathematical Society)
    Select the link "Mathematical Applications Index."
    a. Read the company list of where these people work. Go to a few of the sites and read them.
    b. Select one person and read the "Profile" for them. (The link is under their math list.) Which company did you choose?
    c. What did you learn from this site?

  3. Read about someone who uses math regularly on the job.
    Go to (MAA = Mathematical Association of America)
    a. Choose someone to read about. There are many choices and each occupation is next to the name. Or go back to Yahoo! or AltaVista and search for a particular job you are interested in ". . . and Math."
    b. Who did you choose?
    c. What is their profession?
    d. What did you learn about applied math from reading this profile?

Part III
Applications of Quadratic Equations

  1. What is a "quadratic equation"?
    Give an example of one:

  2. Use the Internet to find some applications of quadratic equations.
    For example, go to and search for "applications of quadratic equations." Or go to and type "What are the applications of quadratic equations?"

  3. Summarize your findings. You should have at least three different application examples. Try to find different ones than your partner did.

  4. Share what you learned about the applications of quadratic equations in your presentation.

Extra Time? Go to the "Dr. Math" site listed above and check out the questions under "From the Dr. Math Archives."

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