Have you ever kept track of the number of items you use and throw away on a daily basis? How many of those items do you recycle? For those items that you do recycle, what happens to them?


Recycling has become an important consideration in the design of products. The selection of materials to make these products is often influenced by the productís estimated lifecycle, and the ease and cost of recycling the product after its use. With landfills filling up at an alarming rate, more manufacturers and businesses are using recyclable materials to make products to help preserve our environment.




    Microsoftģ Word

    Internet access



This activity will allow you to investigate a common material used in product design. Your research paper will identify recyclable uses for this material after the productís intended function is finished.


Pick a material from the suggested materials list or select an instructor approved material. Suggested material categories include: glass, plastics, metals, rubber, textiles, and wood.


Using the internet, investigate how this material can be recycled and reused after it has outlived its usefulness.


Write a one page essay highlighting your research results and how the recycling process is performed.


Format your document to reflect Arial 12 point font, double line spacing, and 1 inch margins.


Include a second page that cites at least three different web-based sources. Use APA style citation.





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