If your interest is AP European History

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General European History

History teacher net - This site created by Sue Pojer is the best

Evansville Creative Impulse - A good all around history site.  Euro stuff is down the list.

European History - Good list of sites relating to general European history

A P European History 4225 WWW Resources  Very good

About.com Modern Europe - Another place to look

Sophia Project has information and works of many philosophers from ancient Greece to the present


Historical Documents

EuroDocs - The first place to start your search

Internet Medieval Sourcebook (very extensive)

Internet Modern History Sourcebook (very extensive)

German Propaganda Archive -

Documents of WWII -

Avalon Project - for documents on law, history, and diplomacy (Yale) Covers mainly United States

UK - Important Events and Docs -  resources and historical documents related to British History (Eurodocs)

Great Books Index


Things relating to Europe

Monarchs of Europe - 447 C.E to the Present. A virtual who's who of  (in)breeding

Popes - a chronological list.   Check out the years 1409 - 1417

Ottoman Turks - a good short history

Russia - a very good site

Costume History -   see what they wore

Hundred Years War - Maps of France

17th Cent Music - a comparison of French and Italian styles

Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History

The West - Enlightenment to the Present - notes by Paul Halsall  good reading and good review for the AP Exam

Revolutions of 1848  - tutorial on mass politics

World War I - from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook

20th Century Europe - The History Guide lectures

Jewish History - by Paul Halsall

Holocaust   - Nizkor Project

Cold War Go to this after you have done some preliminary reading

Map links  very good

Communism and the Communist Manifesto

Italian History maintained by the Dept. of French and Italian at Brigham Young University

French History  Maintained by Jacques Béreaud is a Professor of French in the Department of Romance Studies at Cornell University


Art of the world (and some from Europe)

Art History Resources - by Chris Whitecomb It covers a wealth of sources

Creative Impulse scroll down to the bottom of the page for art by period

AP Euro Art   - A slide museum with art depicting various areas of European History, although somewhat limited

Music in Europe  

Opera - It all started in Italy

Opera   - Another source (not as complete but easier to read)

Architecture - A digital archive

Architecture - Covers a wide range of topics


Text related information

Palmer Text Outlines and Study Guides - Great outlines and study guides created by students about the Palmer textbook

McKay Text (History of Western Society) on line quizzes

AP Euro Curriculum by Chapter - From the Renaissance to the French Revolution, also has a great link list




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