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Where to start gathering information on the

European Union

General Information (Europa) Check the section on Institutions

EU Internet Resources (UC Berleley Library)


British political system

BBC A-Z of Parliament


Chinese political system

China a country study (Library of Congress)

Who Governms China (Chinese Business World)


French political system

Profile of France

Information about the President

Information about the Prime Minister

France Index (Uni. Wuerzburg)

France's Constitution


  Indian polictical system

India Index (Uni. Wuerzburg)

Elections  (by Wilfried Derksen)

Politics  (India Web)

Politics (Surf India)

Political Resources on India


Italian political system

Italy Index (Uni.Wuerzburg) Check out the link to the Chamber of Deputies

Italy (Political Resources on the Web)

Parliamentary Elections

Russian political system

Russia a country study (Library of Congress)

Russia's Constitution (1993)


Nigerian political system

Nigeria a country study (Library of Congress)

Nigeria's Constitution (1999)

Nigeria's Constitution Summarized version

Political Activism in Nigeria

Nicaraguan political system

Office of the President (in Spanish)

Election results

Sandinista Party FSLN  (This site is blocked by Bess, the software used by our district to block objectionable and potentially dangerour web sites)

Political Reference Almanac

General info from the CIA

Amnesty International on

  Japanese political system

Election Results

Constitution of Japan

Supreme Court official home page

General information

Political Resources on the Net

A good place for a wealth of information

Mr. Lundquist's Comparative Government Sites

Political Studies Association

A good resource for British politics but it contains a wealth of other information including unabridged constitutions of just about every country on Earth.