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Calendar for Existentialism/Research Unit

Agenda Jan. 5, 6 (Wed./Thurs.) Welcome back! Happy New Year!

  1. Bell Work: Writer's Journal--Write for 10 minutes. What is your essence? How are you creating your Self? What will your legacy be? 
  2. Class Minutes
  3. Existentialism introduction
  4. Sartre Essay: Read and Do Questions
  5. Assign Existentialism Project
  6. HW: Read Part 1 of The Stranger by Jan. 11, 12 (Tues./Wed.); bring Stranger to next class; PRINT and read "The Time We Thought We Knew" by Brian Greene from the New York Times Jan. 1, 2004, and write a rhetorical précis; begin brainstorming for Existentialism Project PRINT THIS!

Due 7, 10 (Fri./Mon.)

Agenda 7, 10 January (Fri./Mon.)

  1. Bell Work: Discuss Sartre questions & "Time" précis 
  2. Class Minutes
  3. Current Events Quiz 1 (CEQ1) periods 1 & 3
  4. Absurdism--art, literature, theater SEE NOTES AND DADA ART
  5. Existentialism Primer--group jigsaw
  6. Assign Existentialism One-Page research report; discuss evaluating validity of sources, worksheet to check validity
  7. Read The Stranger
  8. HW: Part 1 of The Stranger is due next class, research 2 on-line resources for existentialism topic, bring the printed pages to class, project proposal due next class

Due 11, 12 January (Tues./Wed.)

Agenda 11, 12 January (Tues./Wed.)

  1. Bell Work: Review Existentialism primer notes, submit Project Proposal 
  2. Class Minutes
  3. Existentialism Primer class review
  4. Quiz Part 1, The Stranger
  5. Discussion of The Stranger, read part 2.1
  6. Report & Project Time
  7. HW: Finish reading The Stranger, print "The Myth of Sisyphus" and bring it next class,  work on your project and report

Due 13, 14 January (Thurs./Fri.)

Agenda 13, 14 January (Thurs./Fri.)

  1. Bell Work: Current Events Quiz 2
  2. Class Minutes 
  3. The Stranger: Quiz Part 2 & discussion
  4. "The Myth of Sisyphus" read and discuss
  5. Library time: project or report
  6. HW: one-page report due next class, work on the project, print out TS Eliot's "The Hollow Men" and Hemmingway's "A Clean Well-lighted Place" and bring them next class

Due 18, 19 January (Tues./ Wed.)

Agenda 18, 19 January (Tues./ Wed.)
  1. Bell Work: Write for ten minutes: What motivates you to do any of the things you do? 
  2. Class Minutes
  3. Existentialism Wrap up: NOTES on: Camus, The Stranger, Absurdism, Projects
  4. Existentialism Research Papers Collected
  5. HW: Existentialism Projects Deadline Extended! Due on the DAY OF YOUR FINAL NO LATE PROJECTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

 Due 20, 21 January (Thurs./Fri.)

  • Keep working on the Existentialism Project--be sure to follow the directions
  • BONUS INFO! Print and review these Existentialism Notes--be sure to apply the Existentialism Primer Concepts to your project
  • MORE BONUS INFO! Missed something from today's lecture? print these notes--it's more than we discussed, but better than nothing

Agenda 20, 21 January (Thurs./Fri.)

  1. Bell Work: Check out the existentialist cartoons!
  2. Class Minutes
  3. Current Events: The Inauguration 
  4. Picasso--Guernica 
  5. Dr. Seuss--Oh the Places You'll Go!
  6. Your project explanation draft
  7. HW: Existentialism project due the day of the final. Be sure to print, read and follow the directions!

Due 24-26 January (Mon.-Wed.) Whichever day you have your final meeting

  • Existentialism project! Be sure to print, read and follow the directions!

Agenda 24-26 January (Mon.-Wed.)

  1. Bell Work: Put everything but projects and pens away
  2. Class Minutes
  3. Final Project Presentations/Test
  4. Homework: Three topic ideas for your major research paper, return The Stranger, get Taming of the Shrew (publisher: The New Folger Library, Washington Square Press, Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster--I'm only telling you all those names because you might ask... "Folger" should be enough to go on)


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