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  • Initiate Contact with your Child’s Teachers
    Contact your child’s teachers to find out exactly where you child is having difficulty, and to determine what accommodations your child’s teachers have implemented in the regular classroom environment. Oftentimes, simple accommodations such as changing a child’s seat, or initialing their daily homework agenda is enough to help your child improve his or her grade.


  • Schedule a Student Study Team (SST) Meeting
    If your child is still struggling in their classes, contact your child’s counselor to schedule an SST meeting. The SST is comprised of you, your child, your child’s counselor, the District Program Specialist, a representative from the Special Education Department, and your child’s teachers. All members of the SST will meet in an informal meeting to review records and teacher comments and to develop suggestions and accommodations that may help your child learn better. Once the SST has met, your child's counselor will forward a copy of all suggestions and accommodations to your child’s teachers so they can implement them and determine whether or not they work.


  • Submit a Written Request to Have your Child Assessed for Special Education
    If after the accommodations and suggestions from the SST are implemented and your child is still struggling, you can request your child be assessed for possible Special Education Services.  To do this, you must submit a written request to the District Program Specialist.  The written request must state that you want your child assessed for special education services in all areas of suspected disability.  It is helpful if you include in this letter the specific areas you are concerned about as well as any accommodations you have tried at both home and school to try to help you child academically.

    • Once the District Program Specialist receives your written request, he or she will develop a proposed Evaluation Plan within 15 calendar days. This Evaluation Plan will outline the tests and assessments TPHS is proposing to administer to your child. The Evaluation Plan will be mailed to your home address for signature.

    • As soon as you receive the proposed Evaluation Plan, please complete the Parent Acknowledgment Section. Return the Evaluation Plan the District Program Specialist. 

    • Once the District Program Specialist receives the signed Evaluation Plan, testing will commence.  TPHS has 60 calendar days from the date the signed Evaluation Plan is received to complete all testing and to hold an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting. The assessment process can be lengthy and require your child to miss approximately five hours of class time.


  • The IEP Meeting
    During the IEP meeting, all testing results will be reviewed and the IEP team will determine whether or not your child qualifies for Special Education Services. The IEP team is comprised of an Educational Specialist, Administrative Designee, your child’s counselor, a regular education teacher, and the School Psychologist and Speech and Language Pathologist if they completed testing on your child. If your child qualifies and you chose to access Special Education Services, an IEP will be developed including academic, speech and language, and/or social emotional goals. Your child will also be assigned a case manager who is responsible for ensuring your child’s IEP is followed. 

    If your child does not qualify for Special Education, the IEP team will offer you suggestions for helping your child academically. Any suggestions offered will also be provided to your child’s teachers.


  • Annual and Triennial IEP Meetings
    If your child qualifies for an IEP, this IEP will be reviewed at least annually. At the annual review, your child’s IEP case manager will review the goals and rewrite or change these goals as needed. Additionally, every three years, your child will be reassessed in all areas to suspected disability to determine whether or not he or she continues to qualify for special education. If you have any questions regarding your child’s IEP, you can request an IEP at any time. Once your case manager is notified you would like an IEP meeting, he or she has 30 calendar days to schedule and hold this meeting. Additionally, any member of the IEP team can also request a meeting if they have concerns about your child’s educational progress.


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